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Industrial Minerals Market Embraces New Provider of Information and Events

IMFORMED launches new platform for industrial minerals networking and research, announcing high profile Forums on mineral logistics, oilfield, and foundry markets.

A new source of information and networking events dedicated to the global industrial minerals business was launched in January 2015. Topically focused forums for the mineral logistics, oilfield, and foundry markets have been announced for 2015. More will come.

Not so new are IMFORMED’s founders, who bring a wealth of rare expertise to a global but specialised market serviced by very few authoritative and data-specific organisations:

Mike O’Driscoll, mining geologist, former Editor […]

Topics of emerging interest

  • IMFORMED launched: networking and knowledge for the global industrial minerals business

  • Drilling deep offshore – the next frontier for fracking

  • First Bauxite plans bauxite proppant calciner in USA

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