A selection of articles by Mike O’Driscoll published in Industrial Minerals 1987-2014:

164Proppant potential for bauxite
163Wisconsin sandstorm: frac sand projects in the pipeline
162Magnesia's mettle on the line: Steel slowdown spoils market recovery
161Drilling barytes demands new mindset
160Saudi silica surge: High purity quartz drive
159At the core of fused magnesia
158North Sea supply challenge: Oilfield logistics tackle 24/7 delivery
157Reconstruction revives refractories in Japan
156Refractory reflections in Kyoto
155Shinagawa aligns itself for refractories market future
154Pigment pragmatism: Feedstock and TiO2 symbiosis recognised
153Chromite in a tight spot: Supply squeeze urges on new sources
152Spinel's Spring: Market blooms with limited sources
151Turkey's soda ash solution: Emergence of Eti Soda
150Magnesia's phoenix & flyers: Market ignites players old & new
149Elmin bauxite sees the light: Greek producer transforms
148Frac sand bonanza
147Dead burned magnesia welcomes 2011
146Scratching the surface: Blasting abrasives market
145Plastics in forward drive: Mineral demand in autoplastics
144Magnesia blasts back: Caustic calcined magnesia in recovery
143Mullite supply under question
142The winds of change: Solar and wind energy prospects for minerals
141Set for heavy loads: Plastic fillers
140Logistics in the 21st Century
139Squeeze on fused magnesia supply & prices
138Peninsula prospects: Mineral opportunities in the Arabian Peninsula
137Ones to watch: Magnesia projects
136The cut and thrust of silicon carbide
135Australia: Land of Plenty
134Solar cell future for minerals
133Sillimanite supply surge: Andalusite and kyanite markets
132Into the fire: Refractories endure heat of recession
131Chinese recovery on green light
130Magnesia make over: Supply market readjustment
129Australia's kaolin rush
128Seeking Saudi mineral potential
127New dawn breaks for Korean magnesia
126State of play: The industry reviewed in IM's 500th issue
125The Dragon has turned: Domestic focus squeezes Chinese exports
124Alumina cement developments
123Magnesite ignites: Western capacity boom
122Frac sand famine
121Supply chain reaction: European mineral processors
120Made in the USA: Boom time for the US minerals industry
119Van Uden ventures out: Rotterdam stevedore diversifies
118CMP's great leap forward
117Soda ash's Indian summer: global supply & demand
116Mineral processing in Asia
115Kaolin's quay to Europe
114Texan talc tale: New era beckons for southern US talc
113Rock and roll: Mineral use trends in paper reviewed
112Talking talc: Supply and markets review
111Mullite in Mongolia
110Magnesia movers & shakers: Market highlights
109A bright carbonate future: GCC supply and demand
108The changing face of China: China's evolving market reviewed
107Ropczye goes East: first Chinese-Polish refractories j-v
106The heat is on: Dead burned v fused magnesia
105Magnesia markers: Magnesia market highlights
104Alumina in a spin: Mineral wool raw materials reviewed
103A choice of flux: Olivine v Dolomite
102Foundry focus: Mineral supply highlights
101Shifting sands: Foundry grade chromite mine to market
100Refractory raw materials: State of play
099Sunshine on silica: Solar cells power fused silica demand
098South China in a stir: Zhanjiang and Fangcheng port activity
097Chinese nepheline syenite: Fineton finds its niche
096Highlights of Haznedar: Turkish refractories and dolomite
095Magnesia minors: Brucite, huntite, & hydromagnesite
094Magnesia: On the high road again
093Zircon no pacifier to market squeeze
092Geohellas: A classic clay tale
091Astron's rising Zr star
090A Dutch solution for magnesia
089Iran's industrial minerals: A window of opportunity
088Mullite: making good in steel & foundry
087Iron's true colours: Iron oxide supply & demand review
086Magnesia in a squeeze
085Alumina cement: Sweet & sour
084Aqaba: Key to Jordan's mineral exports
083Jormag comes of age
082Olivine: Going where the grass is greener
081Zircon: The miller's tale - between a rock and a hard place
080Dead burned magnesia: Back to basics
079Corundum conundrum: Fused alumina feels the heat
078Elements of magnesia: Electrical grade fused magnesia
077In the hall of the magnesite king: Asian DBM reviewed
076Loading up in Liaoning
075Chinese hot pot: Refractory fused magnesia
074REgeneration in autocatalysts: Rare earths markets
073Driving a new market for minerals? Producers look to a material future in fuel cells
072Irons in the fire: What's cooking with sillimanite minerals?
071The scoop on global TiO2: Suppliers raise prices to revive weak market
070Qingdao: China's second largest trade port
069Mineral inspection: Measuring up to change
068Spinel: The steel and cement specialist
067Refractory minerals: trends & developments in supply & demand
066Shandong Magnesite: A survivor in the shadow of Liaoning
065China's refractories market
064Ways & means: Bringing minerals to Europe
063A cracking hot market: Refractories in petroleum refining
062Borates: The Turk of the town
061Alumina cements: Lining up against steel & sewage
060Clays under fire: Supply of refractory clays reviewed
059Lithium takes charge: Supply & demand reviewed
058Lishu Wollastonite in Dalian
057Sillimanite minerals: Refractory market slump takes its toll
056Hernic: An expanding force in South Africa's chrome & andalusite belt
055Chromite in crisis: Producers hold out for October recovery
054Ukraine's minerals: First steppes in world market
053Refractory dolomite: Stainless reputation
052What is IMA? Europe's Industrial Minerals Association profiled
051Chromite supply: A question of ownership
050Shanxi bauxite: Fired up for world markets
049East Asian foreign mineral ventures: Comings & goings
048East Asia refractories: Thai-ed up with steel
047Hong Kong handover: Business as usual?
046Fused silica: Switched on by electronics
045Silicon carbide: Supply sector showdown
044Minerals of Vietnam: Sands' future black & white
043Vietnam: Tiger to be?
042China Chamber of Commerce in the hot seat
041Glass refractories: Oxy-fuel impact fires debate
040Anglo Pacific Resources: Adding a new dimension to the Highlands
039Fused magnesia: The blender's choice
038Refractories in Taiwan: Steel surge sparks hot demand
037Sweet and sour: Foreign ventures in East Asia
036Taiwan tiger: Still burning bright
035China's ceramics market: Showing off in strength
034Opportunity knocks in Norway
033Refractory bauxite: Cut-price dynasty under threat
032Plastic compounding: Where mineral meets polymer
031China's ceramics boom: Firing up in Foshan
030Spinel review: Prices temper steel market promise
029Chinese filler minerals: Reinforcing export potential
028China's minerals industry: Gathering for the great leap forward
027Caustic magnesia markets: Playing with fire
026South Korean refractories: POSCO steels the market
025South Korea's minerals industry: Imports prove Seoul-destroying
024Minerals in European plastics: Polypropylene in the driving seat
023Garnet: Set for blast off?
022European cat litter: absorbing market growth
021Industrial minerals of Japan: Bowing to recession reality
020Talc review: Consolidation & competition
019Moroccan barytes in Yarmouth: Mineral Industries makes the grade
018Trading places: Netherlands' gateways to Europe
017Wollastonite production: Tempo rises as markets grow
016Fine carbonate fillers: PCC breaks ground in paper
015Minerals in the US south-west: Breaking rocks in the hot sun
014US glass industry: Overcapacity shadows strong demand
013Rocky Mountain Magnesite: Baymag starts new fused MgO plant
012Brazil's industrial minerals: Seeking success against all odds
011Energy in North America: The power behind industrial minerals
010US Pacific Northwest: An outpost of industrial mineral wealth
009Drilling in the US Gulf: Cautious optimism for muddy future
008Rare earths: Enter the Dragon
007Dolomite: More than crushed stone
006Bentonite: Overcapacity in need of markets
005Burnt lime/dolime: Seeking markets green
004Minerals in adhesives & sealants: Solving a sticky problem
003Cement trade & industry: Charting its changing course
002Glass markets: Added value impetus
001Diatomite: No skeletons in the cupboard